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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  June 17, 2012 12:00am-12:30am CDT

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inning. beckham is out rather easily. he's not even close to the bag as beckham lays a tag on him and they are out of the inning with the one-run inning intact and lindblom comes into the game. 2-0 e.r.a. a scant . -- 2.18. rivera stays in to play first base. hawk: here's escobar to face the 25-year-old, 6'4" 240-pound right-hander out of west lafayette, indy. up high. 5-10-0 for our sox. 4-9-1 for their dodgers.
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hawk: escobar has been up to the plate one time, and struck out. that one got away. hawk: yeah it did. hawk: that's out of play, left side. the count is even at 2-2 to escobar. steve: pretty nice time to pick up an insurance run. hawk: it's full. don't help him out.
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ball four, base hit. hawk: there is the lead-off walk for us. friday, june 22 all fans are invited to stay for a postgame fireworks display presented by great clips. remember great clips, it's going to be great. hawk: here's alejandro. one for four with a stolen base. decently by escobar.
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long set. and the step-off. steve: we'll see if alejandro will tip his hand with a square around bunt or not. hawk: oh that will get the job done. just deadened it right off the end of the bat so a beautiful bunt by de aza. one out. steve: he bunted his way to a base hit in the seventh inning. this time, equally as important lays down a perfect sacrifice. hawk: like one of your little wedge shots. steve: that one just stopped right there. mine usually roll about 15 yards. hawk: like you're playing in the olympic club. hawk: all right. gordon, pick him up, buddy.
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gordon is one for four. and there is ball one. addison reed loosening up. hawk: outfield they are straight up and spread out about equal distance. takes a breaking ball for a strike. hawk: stewart on the left addison reid on the right. between them, juan. hawk: juan has done a heck of a job
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with the bullpen. the count is now 1-2. hawk: there is juan. outstanding young left-hander. threw a no-hitter, hurt his arm. but he's become one heck of a nice pitching coach. steve: really helps if your bullpen coach can help you with your pitches. hawk: that's the whole thing. it's a different mindset from a starter to the relievers. you've got to come in and you've got to face three guys in the ninth inning, or the eighth inning heart of their order. beside being ready physically you better get them ready mentally. hawk: pops him up, right side. gordon a little upset with himself right there.
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that's out number two and here comes adam. hawk: pauley on deck. hawk: adam one for two, with two walks. takes it up high. hawk: very deep in right field.
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hawk: addison reid comes on to lock it down. he's 1-1 e.r.a. up over 4 but he's 7-7 in save opportunities and he's got a one-run lead. he'll start with rivera. who was standing there when gwynn got thrown out stealing. jordan danks, comes on. hawk: so 45,210.
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. seen the sox take a 5-4 lead. scored three in the second. we picked up one in the fourth. steve: the bullpen has been awfully good tonight. santiago jones crane, and now reed to wrap it up and make a winner out of humber. hawk: so rivera gordon herrera. ethier, the fourth hitter. first ball pops it up. one pitch one out for de aza. steve: take a power hitter and get him out of the equation with one pitch and now you've got to watch gordon. he's their base
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stealer if he gets on. hawk: he's got 21 of them. steve: escobar in on the grass and he'll be coming in with a pitch. pauley even with the bag at first and the infield playing about halfway respecting the speed of gordon if he chops one in the infield. hawk: outfield is shallow in center and in left. 94. hawk: there is a strike to even the count at one.
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hawk: big pitch right here. addison has him. two down! steve: he just flipped it over to first base, and just got gordon. hawk: right at him. one hopper. gordon was really busting it up the line but one out to get and ethier on-deck. hawk: herrera has walked twice gone out to right and struck out. hawk: first pitch strike.
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hawk: second pitch strike and the count is nothing and two. steve: 94 or 95 and you see your first straight change, pretty tough to pull the trigger. hawk: especially when herrera has been watching. hawk: 0-2 pitch. high. steve: the outfield back up in a normal position. hawk: escobar. three steps off the line at third and back. pauley off the line at first. halfway.
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he gone! and this ball game is over! yes! so the bullpen comes on and picks up the outs as the sox win it 5-4 they even up the series and we'll be back. >> coming up on wgn news the first family is in chicago to attend a wedding. that means tight security on the yut side. an extra special graduation following the president's latest move on immigration policies. high winds and heavy rains come to the chicago area and look what they leave behind. the news is next.
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been brought to you by miller lite. it's not just a good time it's miller time. the illinois lottery do you believe in the power of possibility. the illinois lottery, anything is possible and by ford. proud sponsor of your chicago white sox and proud of our chicago built ford explorer. check it out at your local ford store or online. >> before 45210 right now it's time to check out our miller lite players of the game. it's the bullpen. santiago. nate jones. jesse crain. and addison reed to finish it off and pick up his eighth save in eight opportunities. that's our miller lite players of the game. totals on game two in this three-game set. our guys five and 10. left seven. billingsly takes the loss 4-5 and credit addison, he has that look with
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eight saves. a reminder to watch the sox and cubs monday night in game one at u.s. cellular field. joan len and bob. our next wgn white sox telecast will be tuesday night for game two between the sox and the cubs beginning at 6:30 with the white sox warm-up on wg n-tv. chicago white sox baseball in high-definition was brought to you by xfinity. your home for the most live sports. so from my partner, steve stone, our director and our producer we have allen leventhal and in the truck so long everybody, stay tuned for wgn ne


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